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Nurai Island - Abu Dhabi

A private luxury resort accessible via boat off the shore of Abu Dhabi that was rated the 22nd most incredible island by Conde Nast UK Traveler Magazine. We were briefed to develop an inspirational philosophy to differentiate the island and to enable it to be perceived as a luxurious holiday resort. We carried out a 360º brand roll-out, which resulted in 75% occupancy after the soft phase opening.


what we did

  • Brand Architecture

  • Brand Audit

  • Brand Guidelines

  • Brand Identity

  • Brand Strategy & Positioning

  • Brochure & Collaterals

  • Digital Strategy & Website

  • Film & Photoshoot

  • Print, Outdoor & Digital Campaign

  • Sales Centre

  • Signage System

  • Site Photography

  • Stationery Package


The inspiration for visuals

The blend of ‘bespoke art’ with ‘luxury’ and ‘personalisation’ was what led to the brand conceptualisation of ‘barefoot luxury’ being developed, which further led to the positioning of ‘Your Private Island’. We created and integrated the brand pillars of ‘Intuitive’, ‘Imaginative’, ‘Individuality, and ‘Indulgent’ that fortified the brand essence.

The Brand mark

Gaining inspiration from the word ‘Nurai ‘meaning light in Arabic, we designed the logo with the corporate name ‘Zaya’, brand name ‘Nurai Island’ and the location ‘Abu Dhabi’. The stroke signifies the remarkable spark present at the island.

Different logo variations

The Colour Palette

The exquisite beauty of the island inspired the choice of the colour palette. Pastel colours like blue and green were used throughout the design process where blue represented the turquoise water, and green reflected the greenery of the island.

The Typography

Brandon and Dear Joe were the signature typefaces that were creatively integrated across all the graphics – from the communication channels to brochures. The former was used to give essential information, whilst the latter was used to trigger emotions.

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Brand Patterns

Gaining inspiration from the beauty of the island, we designed nature-specific patterns for the brand.

Brand Application Examples

The collaterals were developed using a watercolor concept and the new visual identity was executed efficiently throughout the multichannel work.

We leveraged print ads, digital banners, website, collaterals, campaigns, and other brand application to convert leads and boost sales.

The Signange

We designed the signage and wayfiding system using functional handmade icons so as to escape the geometric classic ones.

The Sales Centre

We developed an interactive sales center that provided an immersive experience for the visitors.

The Sub-Brands

We tailored the brand architecture using an individual product brand architectural startegy where every F&B brand was given its own identity.

To evoke the fun spirit of the island, we developed the visual identity of the kids club using a playful font with bright colours. We designed the logo portraying the letter ‘Z’ with humorous illustrations.

Photography Style

We carried out a lifestyle photoshoot where the photography style was carefully guided to portray great experiences that reflected “barefoot luxury”, “memorable moments”, and “your private Island”. The images revealed people enjoying the moment, and avoided clichés of obvious and literal facets of life.

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We carried out a property photoshoot where we captured images of the built environment at the island.

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The Website

The watercolor concept and creative brand patterns blended well into the website which enhanced its functionality and user interface.

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