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Mina by Azizi - Dubai

Offering uninterrupted views of the nickel-silver horizon, jewel-blue Arabian sea, and impressive Dubai skyline, Mina by Azizi soars elegantly at the iconic location of Palm Jumeirah. We were approached to give the new development an identity, and we carried out a complete 360º branding roll-out.


  • Client: Mina by Azizi

  • Industry: Real Estate

  • Location: Dubai, UAE

  • Web: minabyazizi.ae

What we did

  • Brand Identity

  • Brand Positioning & Strategy

  • Digital Strategy & Website

  • Emailers & E-newsletter

  • Print, Outdoor & Digital Campaign

  • Site Hoarding

  • Stationery Package


The inspiration for visuals

Gaining inspiration from the positive feng shui of its contemporary yet timeless wave-like architecture and the undulating ocean waves, we represented the brand in the form of a dynamic moving structure resembling the tides of the ocean .This evoked the brand essence of the ‘purest expression of harmony’.

The Brand mark

The brand mark was constructed with the belief that anything static is destined to fail whereas constant motion and dynamism forms the true essence of life. The inspiration for the brand mark was derived from the tranquil ocean waves, sea-faring dhows, and the gentle sea breeze.

The Typography

To strengthen the brand promise and promote effective communication across all platforms, we chose a functional and insightful typeface that is both recognizable and efficient.

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The Colour Palette

To make the project stand out in its true light, we chose a colour palette to resemble the cerulean sky, the sapphire sea, and the golden sands.

Deep Ocean Blue


Sky Blue


Prestige Gold


Light Blue


Sand Off - White


Photography Style

To add emotion and depth, the photography style was guided to depict elegance and style at the sea.

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Brand Application Examples

Forming the first point of contact in relationship building, we leveraged the core elements of the brand visual identity to maintain consistency and flexibility across all touch points.

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Digital Banners

We designed the digital banners to deliver a consistant experience so as to trigger a positive response and action from the target audience.

The Website

We developed a user-friendly and interactive website with rich and relevant multimedia content along with an appealing UX design.

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