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MAG Group - UAE

RUYA partnered and notably succeeded in orchestrating a 360-degree rebranding quest with MAG Group. RUYA worked in collaboration with industry experts to shape the brand’s trajectory and harmonize the visual and verbal identity with compelling solutions.


  • Client: MAG

  • Year: 2019

  • Industry: Corporate

  • Location: Dubai

  • Web: mag.global

  • Brand Identity

  • Brand Strategy & Positioning

  • Branding

  • Digital


Skeptical about their 4-decade long, rigid brand image and eager to be perceived as authentic, MAG Property Development challenged RUYA to realign the brand as the visual identity was often misinterpreted with the bold eye logo, inconsistent messaging and unconvincing narratives.


RUYA built a ubiquitous brand that profoundly resonated with the target audience. The new-sprung brand impersonated an image of caring for the posterity.

RUYA leveraged on the rich 40-year old legacy, composed a symbolic and genuine tagline and revitalized the visual and verbal identity by providing clear differentiation from the competitors. Taking inspiration from UAE’s openness, a bold, thematically-relevant and a functional brand were devised that greatly captured the brand’s lasting values.


Strategic partnership with global experts like China National Chemical Engineering Group Company (CNCEC) culminated. The sales centre visits increased by 80% and sales conversion tripled in the second quarter of the year. The success of the corporate rebranding allowed RUYA to be the branding and marketing custodian for individual projects like MAG City, MBL Waterfront Residences, MAG 318 and MAG 5.

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