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Lapita Hotels & Resorts - UAE

Whether you’re out on a journey to explore the unknown or on a quest for self-discovery, Lapita would always make you feel like you’re at home. Known for its Polynesian theme and exclusive luxury, this sensational hotel and resort is set to change the face of hospitality in UAE. We were challenged to carry out a 360º branding exercise which we wholeheartedly agreed upon.


  • Client: Lapita

  • Industry: F&B / Hospitality

  • Location: Dubai, UAE

What we did

  • Brand Audit

  • Brand Fact Sheet

  • Brand Identity

  • Brand Strategy & Positioning

  • Custom Typography Development

  • Stationery Package


  • Brochure & Collaterals
  • Video
  • Signage System
  • TOV, Photography, Operations Guidelines
  • Employee and Guest Journey


The inspiration for visuals

Our branding efforts and inspiration for the concept was derived from the ancient Polynesian culture found in the archipelagos of the Pacific where ‘Lapita’ signifies the earliest pottery found in many archeological sites in the Polynesian Islands.

The Tagline

To evoke the brand essence of adventure and bonding, we developed a simple but memorable tagline ‘Bonded by Curiosity’ which was coherent with both the positioning of ‘exploring the unknown’ and the target audience of ‘family and friends’.

The Brand mark

To develop a universal logo that would tackle all communication obstacles, we used bold, condensed, and symmetric capital letters resembling ancient and modern stone carvings for the brand mark.

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Brand Architecture

To organize the Lapita brand portfolio, we used a branded house architecture strategy where ‘Lapita’ serves as the main brand and the sub-brands don’t detract from the main brand.

The Typography

We custom-made the fonts to synchronize it with the brand logo.

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The Colour Palette

We derived inspiration for the colour palette from the sea, soil, and nature.

Sub Brands

To enhance the wayfinding system, we created an overall brand logotype map that included different levels of sub-brands by category which served as a functional graphic code.

The Illustrations

To depict both the brand positioning of ‘collective bonding’ and brand theme of Polynesian culture, we developed playful illustrations which would evoke the brand spirit.

The Pattern

To reinforce the brand story, we used custom-made Polynesian symbols to develop a brand pattern.

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The images portray and fortify the concept of bonding and adventure.

Brand Application Examples

All the brand touchpoints were designed to evoke the spirit of adventure, fun and curiosity.

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The Signage

We used pictograms and illustrations to make wayfinding easy and effortless.

The Website

We enhanced the Lapita digital experience with a clean UI/UX design where all the brand elements clearly communicated the Lapita culture.

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