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Federal Youth Authority - UAE

The Federal Youth Authority was established in 2016 by the Ministry of Culture and Youth to implement a National Youth Strategy that would cultivate the optimal ecosystem for the youth. Its inception revolved around allowing the young to have productive, healthy and character-focused lives. The primary goal of the FYA was to harness the energy, talents and ideas of the most extensive and most rapidly growing demographic into innovation, market opportunities, policies and culture creation for the next 50 years.


  • Client: Federal Youth Authority

  • Year: 2020

  • Industry: Government

  • Location: Abu Dhabi, UAE

  • 360° Brand Ecosystem

  • Brand Concept

  • Brand Guidelines

  • Visual Identity

Empowering the Emirati Youth

“Our young country was built by the hands and achievements of youth. Youth is our strength and speed is our treasure for the future.”
Sh. Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum

Developing four Agile brands

We were approached by the Federal Youth Authority Abu Dhabi, to create four agile brands with distinctive initiatives named as Abu Dhabi Youth Barzah, Emirates Youth School Competition, Emirates Youth Mental Health Initiative and Abu Dhabi Youth Forum. These initiatives served as a platform to tap into juvenile voice, potential and culture with youth-driven solutions. We designed four aesthetically appealing brand ecosystems with striking visuals and captivating verbal language that weaved through the futuristic initiative mandates of a central hub for the youngsters in the UAE.


Our challenge was multi-faceted as four influential driver brands that were 100% youth-led was required. Functional, purposeful and meaningful brands that seamlessly align with the objective of future leadership development and empowerment was the need of the hour. We had to explore tactile and evolving strategies to deduce a brand that would promote divergent thinking via disruptive innovation, powerful inspiration and progressive empowerment.

Abu Dhabi Youth Forum
Brand Mark

To drive every aspect of the implementation of the Abu Dhabi Youth Forum, we constructed a brand that went beyond the visuals and logo so as to capture the true potential of the initiative. 

The journey of a champion.

The brand symbol represents a set of ideas and concepts linked to the humanization and progress. Representing the journey of a champion, growing using knowledge and innovation.

The Color Palette

The Typography


Brand Applications

Emirates Youth School Competition
Brand Mark

We harnessed the essence of the Emirates Youth School Competition to design the necessary receptors of a vibrant, relevant and contextual
passion brand. 

The brandmark is created using modular blocks that build the initiative’s acronym, conveying the diverse creativity of the young students who participate.

Multifacetic Logo

It can also be used as a framing shape for photos and used for promotional illustrations, connecting the students with the brand in the graphics themselves.

The Typography

The brand’s expressive, block-like and playful typographic letters helped to develop the brand’s youthful character.

The Color Palette

The color palette is dynamic, bold, contrasted,
vibrant, and allows to combine multiple colors
at the same time, delivering in an impactul way
diversity and teamwork key concepts.

The Sub Brands

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Brand Application Examples

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Abu Dhabi Youth Barzah

The authenticity, etiquettes and hospitality of the ‘Al Barzah’ served as an invaluable tool for the brand. The Barzah holds paramount significance as it’s an extension of the ancient Emirati council and heritage. 

The Backstory

The Typography

The geometric curves, propositions, and high contrast joins in the letters enhanced the typography’s visual aesthetics and functionality.

The Color Palette

Brand Applications Examples

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Emirates Youth Mental Health Initiative

With useful intelligence and in-depth insights, we developed a high-spirited and energetic brand for the Emirates Youth Mental Health Initiative to shape the identities of future leaders. 

The Line

The Typography

The typography’s varying weights and playful elements exuded distinction and allowed the brand to be approachable amongst the youth.

Brand Application Examples

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